The course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to record, mix and master audio.
Students will learn how to use software to create high-quality recordings and mixes.


No need to struggle through understanding mixing!
Lift your music to the next level and learn the art of mixing and mastering
Understand all-important mixing tools and know when and how to use them such as Level balancing, EQ,
compression, reverb, delay, and special effects.
Make different mixing choices to impact the song’s overall feel

Audio Mixing and Basics of digital mastering Course

-Definition of audio engineering and sound in general.
-Basics of mixing and how to start recording and mixing sessions.
-Basics of recording and gain staging.
- Training on ProTools DAW.
-Learning about the necessary tools (plug-ins) for mixing such as EQ, compressors, reverb,
delay, and other important tools

For groups
For private students
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