April 30, 2023 0

Radio presentation workshop

Radio presentation workshop - How to write the script and how to choose topics and formulate them in a professional manner. - Knowledge of program templates and the differences between television and radio preparation Characteristics of a successful Preparer - How to overcome anxiety in front of the microphone. - How to use the audio equipment inside the studio during the presentation. - Practical training on vocal diversity, intonation, and improvisation) for each software template. - Types of dialogue and guests - Some common mistakes of broadcasters and the reason for rejection in the entertainment? - Each trainee produces and records a graduation project in specialized radio studios 1000EGP Read More
April 30, 2023 0

Voiceover & Dubbing workshops

Voiceover & Dubbing workshops ● Types and methods of multiple voiceover commentary. ● (News bulletins, technical bulletins, commercial advertisements, sound reports, documentaries, IVR voice calls...) ● Practical training on vocal diversity and intonation. ● Standing in front of the microphone. ● Proper pronunciation of letter sounds. ● Learning types of pauses and short and long breaks. ● How to exercise vocal cords and regulate breathing. ● How to review the script. ● Types of voiceover and the difference between advertising and promos. ● Choosing the appropriate voice layer and maintaining it. ● Intonation and breaking monotony. ● The art of voice persuasion and charisma. ● Graduation project at the end of the workshop 1500EP Read more
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