Shout Studios offer music production, recording services, and courses on music production and media.

The technical support and recording equipment used, as well as the quality, differ for each
- Gerz in Room (1)
-Apollo Twin Audio Interface.
-Mic NT2A.
- Gerz in Room (2)
-M box Pro3.
-Mic Audio Technica 2020.

- Mixing is to balance different audio tracks together to create final pleasing sound, This involves controlling the levels, effects, and tonal balance of individual tracks, as well as adjusting the overall volume and dynamics of the final mix.

-We are located at 21 Mahmoud Ghoneim, from Ibrahim Nawar, Ahmed Fakhry,st. Nasr city. Cairo.

Our working hour are daily from 11:00 Am to 11:00 Pm.

- Yes you can pay cash at the location or contact us to inform you of our various methods of payment.

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